Local Market Vegan Finds

After watching “What the Health”, a documentary on Netflix revealing the truths of the meat and dairy industry’s greed for money and destruction on the planet as well as dangers of actually consuming animal products, I have been a bit upset. My mom has been diagnosed with colon-rectal cancer this year, and we know that it is from the consumption of processed animal products.

I wanted to incorporate some healthy alternatives to animal products into my diet. Here are some favorite finds from my local health market, Cardiff Seaside Market, in San Diego. These products are from local businesses in the area which is so important to support!

The first one I tried was Brekki, an easy to grab overnight oats which are dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan. It is so easy to add desired toppings but also had enough flavor to go without. It filled me up for hours! High in protein for all day energy. I will now always have these on hand! They come in fun flavors like strawberry, raspberry, peach and blueberry. They are a local company started just down the road in Carlsbad, CA! You can also find these at your local Whole Foods.

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My next find is Coconut Yogurt from Edible Alchemy . It is so hard to find alternative yogurts without so many artificial ingredients and loaded with sugar. This one is simple and full of healthy probiotics. It has the perfect pure flavor of coconut which is natural and organic. Top with granola and berries for a filling breakfast parfait. You can find the coconut yogurt and other fermented foods by Edible Alchemy at most San Diego farmers markets.

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I saved the best for last. I have a huge sweet tooth and need some emergency sweets on hand at all times! I stubbled upon Eat Cookie DOH! at the farmers market at Point Loma in Liberty Station. I was so excited to see them at my grocery store! The awesome thing is that you can eat this dough raw too and it’s completely save to consume! Even better news- they sell a raw cookie dough sandwich with vegan ice cream squished in the middle at the farmers markets too! Talk about heaven! I have this stashed in the fridge for an easy to make batch of cookies or a scoop of raw deliciousness to enjoy like a childhood memory. Follow them on Instagram to see upcoming markets you can find them at in the San Diego Area @eatcookiedoh. Did I mention they are gluten-free too?!I am a huge fan of the simple and healthy ingredients!

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I hope you have enjoyed! I suggest watching “What the Health” and sharing your thoughts! Let me know what vegan products or recipes you enjoy! I would love to hear!



5 thoughts on “Local Market Vegan Finds

  1. friendlyfoodforus says:

    We watched it last week. I think there is a lot of valid points there! My favourite part was “the word vegan mean nothing to me. I know a guy who has been a vegan for years and lives off of potato chips and Coca Cola” LOL. I think being healthy means making educated decisions, not labelling your choices!


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